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On-Line Account Access

You now have the capability of accessing your property information on line for taxes, utility billing and miscellaneous receivables.  This is free to the property owner, however, for all others there is a nominal fee.  To access this information, click here

On-Line Broadcast


Link to On-Line Broadcast


Garage Sale Frenzy

The 2014 Garage Sale Frenzy will be held on May 15 (Thursday), May 16 (Friday), and May 17 (Saturday). If you are interested in participating in this event and having your address placed on the event map, please fill out the registration form and submit the $10 application fee to Almont Village Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Gloria Howe no later than May 2, 2014.

Community Survey

The Almont Village Council and Almont DDA Board have released a community survey that solicits feedback from our residents and stakeholders. Please take the time to fill out this survey, as we value your opinion. The survey can be accessed at the following website:


AE Building Adaptive Reuse

The Village of Almont and Almont Township are currently soliciting proposals from qualified firms/contractors for the completion of a feasibility study that would assess the potential adaptive reuse of the former Almont Elementary Building. An official request for proposals document can be accessed by clicking here. All responses must be submitted by no later than 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 to the attention of the Almont Village Manager at 817 N. Main; Almont, MI 48003 or to the attention of the Village Manager at (810) 798-3397 or to the attention of the Almont Village Manager at oturner@almontvillage.org.
Additionally, please note there is a walkthrough of the elementary building scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, April 16, 2014.

Thank You for Visiting Your Village of Almont Community Website

This website is intended to be an informative tool for residents as well as a source of information for our guests. From this site, you can find information on Village services, our community, the government of Almont, Village ordinances, and Village finances.
Please contact the Village office at (810) 798-8528 with any questions.

Zoning Board of Appeals Vacancy





The Village of Almont is seeking one individual to serve as a Regular Member of its Zoning Board of Appeals. Individuals with industrial, recreational, educational, environmental, public health, governmental, transportation, commerce or other similar backgrounds are encouraged to apply. If you are interested in serving on the Village of Almont Zoning Board of Appeals, please send a letter of interest to Almont Village Manager/Zoning Administrator Oliver Turner at 817 N. Main; Almont, MI 48003 no later than April 30, 2014. No appointment is guaranteed through application, although the Village strongly encourages any interested individual to apply.


Music In The Park

The annual 'Music In The Park' series hosted by the Almont Community Parks and Recreation Board will start on Thursday June 19, 2014 and will feature musicians and bands every Thursday night between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. through August 14, 2014 (with the exception of July 3). A flyer for the series can be accessed by clicking here.

Almont Township Recycling


A flyer detailing what can and cannot be accepted by the recycling bins at the Township/Village offices can be accessed by clicking here.


Water Conservation Tips

Water conservation tips can be accessed here: http://www.wateruseitwisely.com/100-ways-to-conserve/index.php
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