Clerk and Treasurer

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Clerk and Treasurer

Tax, water billing and miscellaneous receivables, are available on-line here. If you are a title company looking for closing information, a final water bill needs to be requested, the amount on-line will not reflect final amount owing. Please request a final water bill from our Utility Billing Clerk. The form request may be found under Documents/Forms and applications.

The Clerk/Treasurer's office is the Village's central department for maintaining Village finances and maintaining its official records. It performs the following services Monday through Thursday (not including holidays) between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.:
Financial Resource Management
The office handles accounts payable and accounts receivable claims and collects taxes (real and personal), water bills, various permits, and parks and recreation receipts.
Records Management
The office maintains ordinances, resolutions, deeds, assessments, agreements, and minutes of various boards and committees, including Village Council meetings.
Property Taxes
The office is responsible for calculating, printing, and mailing tax bills and works in conjunction with the Almont Township assessor, who determines the taxable values of properties within the Village.
Village residents receive three tax bills throughout the year. These include two tax bills from Almont Township in July and December and a tax bill from the Village that is mailed in July.
Water Billing
The office employs a water administrator who handles a majority of the issues related to water billing and the payment of water bills. Water bills are calculated quarterly and are due on 10th day of the months of February, May, August, and November. The office accepts cash, checks, money orders, or credit cards (subject to a 3% fee) for the payment of water bills. If you can not pay your full water bill we strongly encourage you to contact the office at (810) 798-8528 in order to arrange a financial payment plan and avoid a shut-off. The Village accepts partial payments at any time. There is also a drop box at the front of the building of the Village offices into which water bills can be placed. If the 10th day of the month a bill is due falls on a Saturday or Sunday the payment can be placed into the drop box up until the office opens the following Monday.

Office Staff
Kimberly J Keesler
(810) 798-8528

Deputy Clerk/Treasurer
Cindy Zehnder
(810) 798-8528
Water Billing Clerk
Pamela Pardo
(810) 798-8528
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