Department of Public Works

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Mission Statement:
The primary function of the Almont Department of Public Works is to provide its residents with high quality municipal services.  These services include snow and ice removal, storm water drainage, water supply and distribution, maintenance to the sewer main, vehicle fleet maintenance, maintenance and improvements of roads and public property, maintenance to the Village/Township Office grounds, maintenance to the Almont Community Park grounds and maintenance to all water and sewer facilities.
We are committed to distributing safe drinking water and protecting our water system from contamination.  We strive to provide all services in a prompt, courteous and professional manner.
Winter Maintenance Policy
Please be aware it is actually illegal under Michigan law (section 257.677(a) of the Michigan Vehicle Code) to shovel or plow snow or ice onto any road or highway, or to deposit snow on a road or road shoulder in such a way that it blocks motorists' views of traffic.
To view the Almont Department of Public Works Winter Maintenance policy, please click (here).
 No vehicle shall be parked on any public street within the Village between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. per Village Ordinance 125.2.

Late Water Payment Fee Waiver Request

With the support of the Almont Village Council, the procedure for waiving late water bill payment penalties and fees is as follows:
1.  The Village Manager shall be given administrative discretion to waive penalties and late fees provided the resident has a good payment history.  Good payment history is defined as having had no water bill payments late fees or penalties in the previous twelve months.
2.  Please complete the Customer Penalty Waiver Form (click here) and submit it to the Almont Village Office located at 817 N. Main or email the completed form to Manager Connors at
Common Water Problems
Are you experiencing either color or odor problems with your water?  Click (here) to view common water problems.
How to Read Your Meter
Please click (here) to learn how to read your meter.
How to Read Your Water Bill and Understanding Water and Sewer Connections
Are you having difficulty understanding your water bill?  Please click (here) for an explanation on how to read your water bill and for an understanding of your water and sewer connections.
Sewer Backups and Basement Flooding
If you are experiencing either a sewer backup or if your basement is flooding, click (here) to find out if you should call a plumber or the DPW.
Downspout Disconnection Awareness Program
It is against our Village Ordinance to have downspouts and/or sump pumps discharge into the sanitary sewer.  See Village Ordinance 150 7.5.  If you need information on how to disconnect your downspouts, click (here).
Yard Waste & Brush Pick-Up
DPW has informed us that they will not be able to continue to pick up leaves for the 2018 Fall Season.  Equipment failure and weather conditions are impacting their ability to pickup the leaves.  If you have leaves to be picked up, you can still bag them and put them out with the garbage thru November 30th.
Please click (here) to view our yard waste and brush pick up policy.
In the past, it has been our policy to extend the courtesy of leaf pick-up to the business' located within the Village of Almont, We regret to inform you that our policy changed in 2017.  Business' will be excluded from any leaf or yard waste pick-up.  You will need to contact either your contracted garbage provider or your lawn service for these services.  This letter was mailed to all business' on November 29, 2016.
Wood Chips
In the past the DPW has provided wood chips to the Village Residents.  This service will no longer be provided starting in 2018.  Yard Waste and Brush Pick up services will still be provided and leaf pick up will continue in the fall only.
Water Account Name Change Request Form or Final Bill Request
A water account name change request form can be accessed by clicking here.
To sign up for paperless billing, please click (here) for a copy of the form.

Water bill schedule

Water Bills go out        Water Bills due

Jan 7                                   Feb 10

April 7                                May 10

July 7                                  Aug 10

Oct 7                                   Nov 10


All Final Water Bills, must be paid within 10 days.  We do not accept post marks.


What Happens to Leaves and Yard Clippings Blown into the Street

Our DPW works hard to keep our storm drains clear of debris.  Did you know that blowing yard waste including grass clippings onto the street can not only clog our storm drains, but it can be harmful to our waterways.  Please click on the link below to see how you can help.  Click (here)

Second Meter - For Lawn Irrigation

Thinking about adding a second meter for lawn irrigation.  A Backflow Preventer must installed.  Please click here to see the steps necessary to install the meter and preventer.

What Not To Flush - A Resident's Guide

The GLWA recently provided a series of brochures to educate us on water and waste water systems.  To view these brochures, please click on the provided links.

Download Here

WRAP Program

The Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA), the regional water authority that includes the City of Detroit, Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties and the State of Michigan, is offering an assistance program to qualifying low-income retail customers. For more information on the Water Residential Assistance program (WRAP), click on the following link:




Below is an excerpt taken from the Water Quality Work Group of the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA):

Drinking water and lead is a concern that water consumers throughout the Great Lakes Water Authority service area may be interested in learning more about. The Water Quality Work Group, comprised of GLWA staff and customers, has developed a series of informational sheets that can be shared with your community’s water consumers. This timely information provides detailed responses to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Lead and Copper in Drinking Water.

Here is a link to the GLWA Lead and Copper in Drinking Water page (under the Water Quality Matters section) where the five FAQs are located. The Work Group will continue to update these documents as new information becomes available and regulatory changes occur. New FAQs may also be created as needed. Each FAQ has a publication date on the last page. The most current version of all FAQs is dated July 8, 2016.

The FAQs build on efforts to deliver consistent messaging to the entire service area and maintain public confidence in the quality of our drinking water. The Work Group previously developed common messaging for annual Water Quality Reports.


How GWLA Sets Water and Sewer Rates

Click on HowGWLASetsWaterandSewerCharges.pdf to see how water and sewer rates are calculated by GWLA

Consumer Confidence Reports

The 2017 Water Quality report can be accessed here.
The 2016 Water Quality report can be accessed here.

The 2015 Water Quality report can be accessed here.

The 2014 Water Quality report can be accessed here.
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