Emterra Environmental USA - Garbage Pick-Up

Garbage pick-up within the Village occurs on Fridays. If a holiday falls on a weekday (Monday-Friday), pickup will be SATURDAY.  OBSERVED HOLIDAYS ARE: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. If the holiday is on the weekend, your pick up day will not change.

Please place your garbage cans at the curb by 6:00 a.m. & remember to remove your cans from the curb within 24 hours of pick-up. Yard waste can be placed into bio-degradable bags or garbage cans marked with an "X" and will be picked up April thru November. The last day for yard waste pick up will be the last garbage day in November. Emterra will not pick up waste in plastic bags or waste placed on the ground. Recycling can be placed into specified recycling bins (available at the Village office) & picked up on Fridays as well. All fees for garbage disposal are included in your annual tax bill.

Emterra toll free: (877) 609-6753.

All materials should be set at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on the scheduled day of pickup. Containers should not weigh more than fifty (50) pounds each. For those with special pickup needs contact the Village of Almont.

To schedule a large item pick-up, please call Emterra at (989)-658-2594.

UNACCEPTABLE MATERIAL: Tires, concrete, fencing, and contractor generated materials; free liquids (paints, pesticides), car parts, and appliances containing Freon; fluorescent bulbs (in excess of seven per household), car batteries.

1606 E. Webster Rd., Flint, MI48505
TOLL FREE: 1-877-609-6753


Unacceptable Items:

Organic, kitchen, yard and animal waste

Hazardous waste like paint, gas or aerosol cans, sharp objects, electronics and batteries.

Scrap metal, wires and cables, home and construction waste.

Napkins, paper towels, and food soiled cardboard.

Styrofoam packaging materials and takeout food/beverage containers.

Textiles, housewares, windows, ceramics, and other reusable items.

Large plastic products like bins or trays, pouches, plastic bags and toys.

Diapers and personal hygiene products.

Recycling bins are available by calling the Village at


Acceptable Items


What: Newspaper, Magazines, Printed Paper and Shredded Paper.

How: Shredded paper in a paper bag. This is the only item that should be bagged.


What: Flattened and Dry Cardborad

Plastic (#1 – 7)

What: Empty and Clean Plastic Bottles, Containers and Cups.


What: Empty and Clean Aluminum and Steel Cans, Aluminum Foil.


What: Empty and Clean Bottles and Jars (All Colors)


The Village Department of Public Works will pick-up leaves during the fall season. The last day for pickup is the last week in November or until the first snow fall whichever occurs first.

Leaf Collection will tentatively begin on the third week of October and run until November 30th.

Please do not place leaves to the curb until close to the start date. Leaves piled on the road surface can make stopping difficult, and piles of leaves can obscure potholes, curbs, and street markings. Debris blown onto our roadways can also clog our storm drains. Residents will be notified to remove any leaves placed in the roadway. Please keep rocks and sticks out of the leaf piles as it can damage equipment. The DPW only collects leaves raked to the curb in the fall.

Kimberly J. Keesler



Tree limbs or branches are chipped by our Department of Public Works on the first and third Monday of the month from April through October. Please place the cut ends of the branches toward the curb so that our employees can service you more effectively.

Branches must be cut to 6 foot in length and must be no larger than 4'' in diameter. Also, please remember that this service is not meant to support large commercial activities that are undertaken by professional tree trimmers. When these companies perform services, they should also remove large branches and limbs.

October 16, 2023 will be the last day for brush pick-up in the Village of Almont.  Emterra will pick up yard waste and leaves in containers marked with an X, or in biodegradable yard waste bags until the last garbage day in November.



The Village of Almont DPW is currently offering a free downspout inspection as a component of its downspout disconnection awareness campaign. Disconnecting downspouts that are connected to the sanitary sewer system can help prevent the flooding of basements and prevent the possibility that partially treated water from the wastewater treatment plant would overflow into the Clinton River.


The DPW has a Winter Maintenance Policy that they follow for snow removal within the Village.  Sidewalk snow removal is the responsibility of the property owner.


If you have a tree located within the Villages Right of Way and you would like to have it removed. Please fill out the Tree Removal Request Form and submit it to our office. The form can be found under the Documents and Forms tab>Community>Tree Removal Request Form.

Yard Waste & Brush Pick-Up

Tree limbs between 1 inch and up to 4 inches in diameter will be chipped by the Village DPW on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month from April through October. Branches can be placed out in full length with the cut ends facing the street stacked neatly. All brush with roots must be free of dirt and stones. The Village will not pick up whole tree cuttings. The Village is not responsible for large amounts of brush from tree trimming, tree removal, or clearing of property. The DPW or OEO may tag your property if an excessive amount of brush is left at the road for DPW to chip. Property owners should contact a tree service for excessive brush removal.

Yard waste will be picked up by Emterra Environmental, April through November on the normal collection day. The last day for collection will be the last collection day in November. Yard waste such as grass trimmings, leaves, and small sticks must be placed in biodegradable paper bags or in a trash container marked with a large X. Branches less than 2” in diameter must be bundled. Bundles and yard waste containers cannot exceed 40 lbs. Yard waste in plastic bags will not be picked up.

The Village DPW picks up leaves raked to the curb ONLY IN THE FALL. The last day for leaves will be November 30th or the first snow, whichever comes first.

Any questions please contact the Village office at : 810-798-8528

Workers feeding branches into wood chipper truck.

Potential Dangers of Autumn Leaves

Wet leaves on the road surface can make stopping difficult, and piles of leaves can obscure potholes, curbs, and street markings. Please do not rake or pile your leaves onto the roadway. Pile them neatly at the curb for DPW to remove. It is especially dangerous if we get an early snow before leaves can be removed.

Debris blown into our roadways can also clog our storm drains.

How can you help?

  • Only place your leaves at the curb (not in the roadway). Residents will be notified to remove their leaves from the roadway.
  • If you know there will be a storm or possibly an early snow: bag your leaves for Emterra to remove on scheduled garbage days. Wet heavy leaves are a potential danger and difficult for our machinery to remove. DPW has a limited number of trucks and the same trucks are used for leaf removal as well as snow plowing. Once the snow starts falling they are unable to easily convert their trucks back for leaf removal and snow removal takes precedence.
  • Leaf removal ends on the Monday before Thanksgiving or the first snow whichever comes first for DPW.
  • Leaf pickup ends on the last garbage day in November for Emterra.

In the past, it has been our policy to extend the courtesy of leaf pick-up to the business' located within the Village of Almont, We regret to inform you that our policy changed in 2017. Business' will be excluded from any leaf or yard waste pick-up. You will need to contact either your contracted garbage provider or your lawn service for these services. This letter was mailed to all business' on November 29, 2016.

What Happens to Leaves & Yard Clippings Blown into the Street

Vacuum truck and workers at a residential site.

Our DPW works hard to keep our storm drains clear of debris.  Did you know that blowing yard waste including grass clippings onto the street can not only clog our storm drains, but it can be harmful to our waterways.  Please click Leaves and Grass Clippings in the Street pdf for more information.