During the 2023/2024 Fiscal Year the Village will levy the following tax mill rates for the following purposes:

13.5349 Mills (General Operating Purposes)

This millage supports police protection services, administrative services, primary public works services, payments for street lighting, economic development activities, building repairs, parks and recreation activities, planning and zoning activities, and overall operational activities.

1.34300 Mills (DWRF Water Tower)

This millage supports principal and interest payments required for the repayment of bond funds which were issued in 2007 to complete the construction of the Village's water tower. Specific information regarding the debt service requirements for this millage are contained within the Citizen's Guide to Local Finances.

In addition to these millages, the Village will charge an annual garbage service charge of $188.63 and a 1% administrative fee based upon collected property taxes.

Appealing Property Valuations

Residents with questions or concerns regarding property valuations can contact Almont Township assessors Tom and Debbie Valentine at (810) 798-8521. Both assessors are available between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays that are regular business days (not including recognized holidays).

E-mails may also be sent to the Village Manager regarding these issues and the e-mails will be supplied to the assessors. Any mailings may be sent to 817 N Main; Almont, MI 48003.

Almont village tax distribution infographic with pie chart.

Tax Dollars

Water Tower Construction = 9.027%
General Village Operations = 90.973%

General Village
Operation Breakdown

Police = 45.37%
Payables = 27.19%
Village Hall = 2.07%
DPW = 8.58%
Clerk/Treasurer = 6.93%
Parks & Rec = 1.34%
Planning & Zoning = 1.10%
Manager & Council = 7.42%

Water Bill Breakdown
Water Fees = operating, maintenance, equipment replacement, depreciation and any an all other water system related costs

Sewer Fees = operating, maintenance, equipment replacement, depreciation and any an all other sewer system related costs

SSO = bond payments for waste water treatment plant equalization basin project