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Police Department History


The Village of Almont was established in 1834. In the early years, the Town Marshall took care of all matters of law and received a salary of $150.00 per year. During that time Almont had its own jail and meeting minutes show that in 1884 the jail was advertised for sale. The jail was then mentioned again in 1878 when the council voted to have "some good locks installed." In 1878 the first constable was elected by the voters.


Contact an Officer

If you would like to contact an officer, please utilize the e-mail links below.
Police Chief Andrew Martin - amartin@almontvillage.org
Sergeant Laura Mohr-Black - lmohr@almontvillage.org 
Sergeant Dave Repshas - drepshas@almontvillage.org
Full-Time Officers
Officer Ryan Wilson - rwilson@almontvillage.org
Officer Jordan Kosinski - jkosinski@almontvillage.org
Officer Amanda Szymanski - aszymanski@almontvillage.org
Officer Sean Sullivan - ssullivan@almontvillage.org
Part-time Officers
Officer Leo Hagar - lhagar@almontvillage.org  
Officer Jeremy Kehoe - jkehoe@almontvillage.org
Officer Craig Ross - cross@almontvillage.org
Officer Mike Ryan - mryan@almontvillage.org
Officer Stefano Papale - spapale@almontvillage.org
Officer Scott Dichtel - sdichtel@almontvillage.org
Secretary Jan Jones - jjones@almontvillage.org
School Liaison Officer Amanda Manning - amanning@almontvillage.org

Department Phone (810) 798-8300 
Department Fax (810) 798-2733

Services & Information


Frequently Requested Forms


Safe Medication Disposal

The Almont Police Department now has a Safe Medication Disposal Box.
Items Accepted:
Prescription Medications (Schedule II-V controlled & non-controlled substances)
Not Accepted:
Illegal Drugs
Lotions or Liquids
Aerosol Cans
Hydrogen Peroxide

Pistol Sales Permits


Crime Tip


If you have information regarding a crime please contact Police Chief Andrew Martin at amartin@almontvillage.org or at (810) 798-8300.

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