Utility Billing Department

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Water bill schedule

Water Bills go out        Water Bills due

Jan 7                                   Feb 10

April 7                                May 10

July 7                                  Aug 10

Oct 7                                   Nov 10


We accept partial payments; as long as your bill is paid in full by the due date no penalties will assessed. 
Bills may be paid in person, mailed, paid on-line (a service charge will be assessed by the credit card company), or put in our drop-box. 
 Please make sure to allow enough time for mailed bills to reach our office.
We do not accept post marks. 
Office Hours are Monday-Thursday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Closed on Friday
New construction requires water and sewer tap-ins and the purchase of a water meter the form is available here.

New Water Account - Name Change - Final Bill Request

If you are moving, a final bill needs to be requested in writing 24 to 48 hours prior to the requested bill date.
Please fill out the utility billing form for the following requests:
New Customer
Update Current Customer
Pull or Reinstall Meter
Enroll for Paperless Billing
Change how bill is mailed/emailed
Request a Final Bill
If you are requesting paperless billing, the form must be signed on the back acknowledging that you have read and understand the e-bill process.

Late Water Payment Fee Waiver Request

With the support of the Almont Village Council, the procedure for waiving late water bill payment penalties and fees is as follows:
1.  The Village Manager shall be given administrative discretion to waive penalties and late fees provided the resident has a good payment history.  Good payment history is defined as having had no water bill payments late fees or penalties in the previous twelve months.
2.  Please complete the Customer Penalty Waiver Form (click here) and submit it to the Almont Village Office located at 817 N. Main or email the completed form to Manager Connors at mconnors@almontvillage.org.
Water Leak Credit Policy and Application Form please click here.
For a list of common areas to check for water leaks please click here.

How to Read Your Meter

Please click (here) to learn how to read your meter.

How to Read Your Water Bill and Understanding Water and Sewer Connections

Are you having difficulty understanding your water bill?  Please click (here) for an explanation on how to read your water bill and for an understanding of your water and sewer connections.
Water/Sewer Rates 2020/2021
Water Flat Rate Fee       53.30
Sewer Flat Rate Fee       61.65
Total Flat Rate Fee     $114.95
Water 1000 gallons          6.60
Sewer 1000 gallons          9.72
SSO 1000 gallons             2.39
Total per 1000 gallons   $18.71

Second Meter - For Lawn Irrigation

Thinking about adding a second meter for lawn irrigation.  A Backflow Preventer must installed.  Please click here to see the steps necessary to install the meter and preventer.

How GWLA Sets Water and Sewer Rates

Click on HowGWLASetsWaterandSewerCharges.pdf to see how water and sewer rates are calculated by GWLA
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