Almont Community Parks and Recreation Board

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Almont Five Year Parks and Recreation Plan


To view the 2018-2022 Village of Almont and Almont Township Five-Year Parks and Recreation Plan, click here


Park Rental

The park can be rented from May 1st through September 30th every year for residents and non-residents.  We start taking reservations beginning February 14th (or the following business day).  To reserve the park, you must fill out the form, which can be downloaded here  , and pay the rental and deposit fees to the Village of Almont.

Master Parks and Recreation Plan

A draft copy of the master parks and recreation plan can be accessed by clicking here. Public comment is highly encouraged.


Notice is hereby given pursuant to the Open Meetings Act, Act 267, Public Acts of 1967, effective March 31, 1977, the Almont Community Parks and Recreation Board of the Village of Almont, County of Lapeer, State of Michigan, will hold its Regular Meetings in the Municipal Building located at 817 N. Main Street, Almont, Michigan, unless the weather is nice and they meet at the Park.  The meetings will commence at 7:00 p.m. 
Meetings at the Park will commence at 6:30 during the months of June and July. Please refer to the Village Calendar for meeting dates and times.

Park Board

The Village of Almont Park Board holds its regular meeting on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the municipal building located at 817 N. Main Street. Park Board members include:
Gary Peltier
817 N Main; Almont, MI 48003
(810) 798-8528
Terry Roach
817 N Main; Almont, MI 48003
(810) 798-8528
Rick Tobias
817 N. Main; Almont, MI 48003
(810) 798-8528
Roberta Kudsin
819 N. Main; Almont MI 48003
(810) 798-8521
Wes Wagester
817 N Main; Almont, MI 48003
(810) 798-8528

Michael Connors
817 N. Main; Almont MI 48003
(810) 798-8528

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